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The College of Veterinary Medicine

ALIAS: Veterinary Medicine, Vet Med, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, CVHS

Dean: Carlos Risco

Executive Administrative Assistant: Deborah Shields

205 McElroy Hall
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
Phone: 405-744-6651
Phone: 405-744-6595
Fax: 405-744-6633
Department Website
Functional Groups
Office of Continuing Education, Outreach and Extension 405-744-7672
Department Personnel
Jordan Anderson Mgr Spons Pgm 405-744-5562
Bradley Barnes Mgr IT 405-744-8473
Randy Barton Bldg Maint Mech II 405-744-5736
Merry Bryson Mgr Software Svcs 405-744-6596
Angela Carter Spclt Fiscal Ops 405-744-6663
Brandy Close Ast Prof/Dir Curricular Affair 405-744-1446
Kelly Cooper Tmp Wkr 405-888-2165
Jeremy Douthit Mgr Facil Svc 405-744-8476
Vanessa Floyd Spclt Fiscal Ops 405-744-6621
Jeremiah Grissett Mgr Clinical Svcs/Wellness Coo 405-744-6145
Kristi Howey Dir Bus Ops 405-744-7431
Eric Hume Comp Tech 405-744-4586
Beth Kelly Coor Grad Pgm 405-744-3251
Ashley Kirven Coor Acad Pgm 405-744-9141
Ron Kuehn Comp Supp Spclt 405-744-3092
Troy Kurena Bldg Maint Mech II 405-742-6857
Jerry Malayer Aso Dean 405-744-8085
Cindy Martens Coor Spons Pgm Sr 405-744-6662
Andrew Porter Sr Admin Supp Spclt 405-744-6525
Tyler Porter App Dvlpr 405-973-8646
Carlos Risco Dean/Prof 405-744-6651
Jerry Ritchey Aso Dean 405-744-8219
Dorothy Scarbrough Ast Dir Bus Ops 405-744-6661
Deborah Shields Exec Admin Ast 405-744-6651
Chasity Srader Spclt Admiss Review 405-744-2264
Anna Teague Coor Admiss Recruit 405-744-6985
Terry Tessmann Welder/Maint Mech 405-334-7292
Melinda Tharp Admin Ast 405-744-2264
Dan Thompson Ast Dir Instr Des Dvlmt 405-744-1446
Carey Warner Admin Aso 405-744-6668
Kaylie Wehr Coor Pub Rel Mktg 405-744-6740
Tanner Williams Bldg Maint Mech II 620-391-6860
Melissa Willis Admin Ast 405-744-6595
Robin Wilson Dir Stu Acad Svcs 405-744-6653
Sharon Worrell Spclt Event 405-744-5630
Emeritus Personnel
Joyce Axton Retiree 405-744-6961
Derinda Blakeney Retiree 405-744-6740
Margi Gilmour Retiree 405-744-6595
Ann Govek Retiree 405-744-7672
Sherl Holesko Retiree 405-744-6746
Joan Hubbard Retiree 405-744-5562