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Anatomy and Cell Biology

Department Personnel
Michael Anderson RESEARCH SCIENTIST I 918-704-3440
Holly Ballard PROF 918-561-8263
Danny Barta AST PROF 918-525-6323
Ian Browne CLINICAL AST PROF 918-561-8478
Alexander Claxton RSRCH AST III 410-279-2876
Jasmine Croghan CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR 303-889-9219
Holley Flora RSRCH AST II 918-561-1882
Thom Garrison MANAGER - BODY DONOR 918-561-8446
Vikram Gujar AST PROF 918-613-5566
Dilani Herath RESEARCH SCIENTIST I 918-561-1423
Zachary Klukkert AST PROF 918-561-5704
Carol Roades ACAD AST IV 918-561-5726
Eric Snively ASO PROF 740-591-8928
Bridget VanFleet MANAGER - ANATOMY LAB 918-525-6342
Dolores Vazquez Sanroman ASO PROF 859-382-9933
Anne Weil ASO PROF 918-561-8266
Nedra Wilson ASO PROF/CHAIR 918-561-8256
Emeritus Personnel
Bill Meek Retiree 918-561-8258