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Network and Telecommunications Services

ALIAS: Telecommunications

Manager: Jay Lively

STILLWATER, OK 74078-6125
Phone: 405-744-4357
Department Website
Department Personnel
Cliff Bellah IT Field Tech 405-744-2543
Bob Beverage IT Field Tech 405-612-8403
Cort Bobier Network Tech 405-744-1315
Jeremy Brooks Network Engr 405-744-3675
Ben Clark Network Spclt 405-744-4236
Emmett Coleman Network Engr 405-744-4427
Joshua Fischer Network Tech 405-744-2335
Kile Fitzgerald Network Spclt 405-744-1882
Ryan Frederick Ast Mgr Telecom 405-744-0001
Kevin Gambill Network Tech 405-744-4080
Dale Gibson Network Tech 405-744-3235
Ben James Ast Mgr Telecom 405-744-3169
Jay Lively Mgr Telecom 405-744-3176
Daniel Miley Jr IT Field Tech 405-744-7198
Jack Moore IT Field Tech 405-744-3720
Robert Sprott IV Network Engr 405-744-6394
Johnny Welch Network Tech 405-744-2010
Emeritus Personnel
Darrell Cheatwood Retiree 405-744-3210
Brenda Lewis Retiree 405-744-1957