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Student Life and Services

Department Personnel
Shawn Cooper Jr STUD PERS COUNSELOR 918-561-1822
Danny Eastham COORD - FIN AID II 918-280-1486
Jen Hartman STUD PERS COUNSELOR 918-582-1972
Jake Luckenbach COORD - STUDENT REC 918-561-8459
Emily Outhier SPEC - RECRUITMENT 918-561-8320
Nicole Ponkilla PROGRAM SPEC 918-688-5223
Sarah Quinten PROGRAM SPEC II 918-561-8324
Diana Sanders DIRECTOR 918-561-8278
Amanda Sumner REGISTRAR 918-561-8459
Shannon Taylor FINANCIAL AID COUN II 918-561-8421
JuLee Wells DIRECTOR 918-561-8468
Lindsey Yoder DIRECTOR 918-561-8277
Emeritus Personnel
Patrick Anderson Retiree 918-561-1228